Bio: John Parsons

johnparsonsI, John Parsons and my wife both grew up on family farms here in Delaware County and have lived in Delaware County almost our entire lives. We are the parents of one son who lives in Illinois. I have been involved in some form of agriculture nearly my entire life from growing up on a small family farm to farming full time for a number of years to working at a grain elevator here in Delaware County till I retired. I continue to be the owner of farm ground and work part time for a local farmer.

My wife and I are active in our church and we are charter members of “RAC Trikes” (an organization that raises money to purchase therapeutic tricycles for persons with disabilities). I am also involve with “Hope 2 Liberia: and “L.A.C.E.S.” mission programs in Liberia, Africa (I have been in Liberia twice and I am returning in February, 2014)  and I (with the help of others) have a growing project here in Delaware County called “Seeds of Hope” that raises money for those two mission programs in Africa. My Wife and I are also supporters of the “Friends of Hope” orphanage in India.

Agriculture and farming is important to each and every one of us in this country. Many times people

tend to forget how farming impacts them daily. It is important for those of us directly connected to agriculture to teach others just how important agriculture is to their daily lives and just what it is that we do. The future of this country is dependent on a healthy agricultural community whether the general public realizes or not.

Farm Bureau board member representing Center Township

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