Local Scholarship:

scholarshipwinners2014Delaware County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Delaware County Farm Bureau, Inc. may award up to five $1,000 College Scholarships annually.

Delaware County Scholarship Application

Eligibility: to be eligible to receive one of the above scholarships, one must be over 17 years of age, and not older than 24 years of age. You or your parent or guardian must have a Membership in the Delaware County Farm Bureau that has been carried for at least two years prior to the application and must be of good standing at the time of presentation. The student must also be enrolled or accepted to a vocational school, college or higher education program and be a full time student at the time the scholarship is presented. Each scholarship is a one year scholarship, but the applicants may and are encouraged to apply each year that they are eligible.

Due to the pandemic Farm Bureau policy is to have no in person meetings. So we would like to have a 1-2 paragraph (no more than 250 words) essay submitted with the application discussing how the pandemic has affected the student. This can be attached to the application and must be submitted by Feb1, 2021.

The applicant is also required to have participated in at least one Farm Bureau event such as the 4-H fun night, Farm Fest, Pedal Pull, Farmer’s Breakfast, set-up or clean up for the Annual Meeting, Statehouse visits or other events that has occurred in the 12 months prior to February 1.

Due Date: Applications are due no later than February 1. Mail or deliver all applications to the address and person listed below by the appropriate date.

Directions: Please read the application carefully and fill out all items that pertain to you. Return completed application to Delaware County Farm Bureau, attention to Jan Haas – for the scholarship committee.

Delaware County Farm Bureau Building
Attention to Jan Haas
6100 State Rd. 67 N. Muncie, IN 47303


State Level Scholarships:

Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship Application

The Collegiate Farm Bureau Scholarship was established to assist Indiana Farm Bureau collegiate members in their educational pursuits. Scholarship applications will be judged by a committee knowledgeable in the area of educational scholarships. The successful applicants must be a paid Farm Bureau member (Student memberships are available for $15 annually).

Download application: Word or PDF


Foundation Scholarship Application

Foundation scholarships are awarded at the district level. Applicant must be over 17 years of age, must be from a family that has been a member of Indiana Farm Bureau for a period of two years prior to application.

Download application: Word or PDF


Marion Stackhouse Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Marion Stackhouse Memorial Scholarship was established to assist Indiana Farm Bureau members in their educational pursuits in an agricultural field of study.

Download application: Word or PDF


Indiana Farm Bureau Career Enrichment Scholarship

The Indiana Farm Bureau Career Enrichment Scholarship is to be awarded to an adult, 21 years or older, who intends on enriching their career of choice.

Download application: Word or PDF


Purdue University Harry L. Pearson Outstanding Leader Scholarship

The Harry L. Pearson Outstanding Leader Scholarship is open to incoming Purdue University freshmen, as well as current students in the College of Agriculture.

Download application: Word or PDF